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Day: October 5, 2017

A ray of sun

A ray of sun

On a sunny day in October

Following days of rain and high winds, the sun came out today and boy, do you feel better when it does. Spirits are lifted, the remaining flowers of the season open to take in as much warmth as they can and we can get outdoors even for a short while.

As if sensing I needed a boost after my couple of week away, my son and I were approached today as we walked around the park with his wheelchair by someone who we didn’t know and they said ‘thank you’ taken aback, I asked ‘your welcome, but for what?’

It transpired that through my photographic work on Flickr, a friend of this person has been following our story that I share there as well, more through images than words, but I reference this blog too. That person, it appears found the confidence through what I have said, to seek support themselves for their particular needs and received it for the first time in many years. Overjoyed with gratitude, they had begun conversations with the person who we were now talking to and apparently urged them to also look at our work and message.

The person who originally followed our story lives in another country, but the person we were talking to lives near our home town, but had been motivated by his friend and what he read in my words to venture outside for the first time in a long while and travel the path I wrote about. By chance, or destiny, he chose the same park and time as we did and apparently through recognising my hat, he plucked up courage to come and talk to us.  He is a wheelchair user and had reached a point where he felt trapped indoors, but reading what we try and promote he found the determination to get outside, with an assistant and experience for himself an accessible route to travel.

We shared our flask of coffee, talked some more and then went our own way, but what a boost and what a thrill that I found today that not only one, but two people have found value in what message I have put out and that it has help change their lives, I hope, for the better for a long time.

I learned something today, and that is the smallest and quietest things can begin to change the world for the better, your comments and support have reminded me of that and I am eternally grateful. Today I have found that something tangible and good has also happened through all our collective support and help.

My message to anyone else reading this, is not to underestimate the strength of your own message and experience, which may help someone, somewhere lead a better and more inclusive life.