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Day: February 9, 2018

9th February

9th February

Winter walking

Yesterday saw the sun shine on us. Still bitterly cold, but we decided we would venture out for a short wheel-walk.

Blessed with living on the doorstep of open countryside, we were able to walk out of the front door and across the road to a lane that takes us into a nearby hamlet.

Fresh air in our lungs, and with our dog, Lady Bronte, along for the exercise we passed, Sheep, Horses and some walkers who were eager to chat. Our son spends so much time indoors, to take this opportunity to see something different and to create some new memories was a real treat. To meet up with people who were willing to stop with us and chat a short while also help our son experience some positive interaction too.

Though far from easy, pushing a wheelchair up the hills to get to the top, it was worth the effort and the views were magnificent with snow capped hills and moorland. The journey down was much easier and arriving home, we shared a pre-made flask of tea and set about putting the photographs together in our sons book of memories, which has a focus on ‘happy’ times.

Not all days are as successful, but this day, was a jewel 🙂