A mind without Terrors

A mind without Terrors

No terrors to bar his journey
No terrors to bar his journey

We looked back over the last two years, when every day seemed to be a day that Marc lived a nightmare, of terrors, fears and meltdowns.

The last six to eight months have been a revelation to us as we learned that Autism could be a condition not diagnosed and that we weren’t treating Epilepsy in isolation. Reading, studying, questioning and networking revealed remarkable aspects of this condition that we found we were kicking ourselves over not having seen the signs before.

The journey we embarked upon two years ago was based upon a belief that his seizures were getting worse and more frequent. In truth, they were, but on reflection, we are beginning to believe these were as a result of a serious increase in anxiety and Marc was (we now know) showing all the signs of ‘Non-Epileptic Attack Disorder’

Our story has moved on, and from his fear of leaving home and getting outside meeting different people, keeping him very much home bound, we have now removed some of the medication, prescribed to counter what we now believe to be the wrong cause. The improved change is as remarkable as the sudden decline all those months ago.

Marc is outdoors once again, showing interest in most things he sees and feels, and chats with most people we pass, with a ‘good-morning’ or ‘good afternoon’ as he once did.

We realise the steps are small, and that he continues to have many challenges to overcome, but his mind no longer has the terrors it once did and this allows him to look expectantly to the future once again and respond so much better to our interventions and support. Of course, we also understand the emotional impact his mind was unable to process all that time ago, from such things as family bereavement, and our own journey has allowed us to understand this better so we can position things in a far more controlled way to help him through it.

Not totally at peace, but a mind without terrors is far more peaceful that it was 🙂

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  1. Hi Paul,
    I’m so pleased to hear that everything seems to be moving in the right direction, you all deserve it.

    All the best


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