A smile that brought laughter

A smile that brought laughter

Mr Lockwood - Therapy Cat
Mr Lockwood – Therapy Cat

Mr Lockwood, one of our two rescue cats delivered such unexpected fun yesterday, when he did what cat’s do best … chase!

We were going through a lengthy sensory questionnaire that will feed into our overall supported therapy interventions to support Marc’s Autism, and on this occasion, we were distracted by sudden movement through the patio doors looking out onto the rear lawns and gardens.

Mr Lockwood threw into the air, something small and dark – we thought was a leaf or stick at first – but as it fell to the ground, it scuttled off, away from Mr Lockwood.

“Oh no, it has a mouse” Marc’s Health Care Worker shrieked, having seen this before we did. A little indignant that our Mr Lockwood was regarded as an “it” we all turned and looked out of the window. True enough, there he was, tossing it up, letting it fall to scuttle away, chase after it and pouncing on it, tossing it up again, and the sequence repeated itself. A regular visitor to our gardens, the field mice take a big chance knowing we have two champions of the pride lands just waiting for prey!

I know its natural and in their nature, but left alone, this little beastie would be tormented until it lived no longer and Mr Lockwood would bring us half a body, looking at us with expectant eyes, expecting praise and thanks for his well caught gift and prize. I went out, and the gamed commenced, grabbing the beastie in its mouth again, he ran this way, then that way, dropping the field mouse as if to say come on, you’ll have to run faster than that. I ran this way, and then that as well, slipping on the grass, still wet from an early morning dew. This went of for a good 10 – 15 minutes until I caught them. Taking the mouse in hand, I checked for any obvious signs of injury, there was nothing, though I could feel its little heart beating so fast, and breathing so rapid. I released the mouse into a cat protected area – a small wild garden area covered by close mesh wire so cat’s can’t get in, and with an exit into adjoining countryside beyond, for when these little guys are ready to run free.

I turned and looked back at the house and realised that my antics in the garden had captured Marc’s imagination superbly, he was really ‘belly’ laughing, something we have not seen for about eighteen months now. I think it was the sight of me slipping and falling in particular, but who cares! to see him and hear him picking up on something that made him happy, was a sight for sore eyes and a delight to behold, both my wife and the Health Care Worker were equally delighted and as I was making a fool of myself outside, they were encouraging the humour of the observation from within. A social story in the making for sure with this one!

Some day’s truly are ‘golden’ and we have something here to build upon. Thank you Mr Lockwood – who ended up fast asleep, without a care in the world and little realising the therapy he provided that day. 🙂

12 thoughts on “A smile that brought laughter

    1. haha! I doubt I’ll have the energy or success each time Dougie, but I’ll find some way to keep raising the smile 🙂

  1. Wonderful read Paul. Mr Lockwood is now allowed to chase mice as long as you have to race out and rescue them!!

    1. Oh David, there are times when a video would work, sadly, on this occasion its left to the imagination to conjour up what we looked like … maybe just as well 🙂

  2. That must have been the very best thing you had ever heard Paul, your Marc really really laughing again.

  3. Delighted that your ‘antics’ brought a smile to Marc’s face – it would to mine also. So pleased the little mouse was saved – well done.

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