Autumn sun

Autumn sun

Autumn sun casts its magic
Autumn sun casts its magic

It was a beautiful day, this day. The sun shone throughout, allowing us once again to enjoy our garden.

We packed a picnic (always have a picnic – even in the garden) grabbed the radio and some books and we just enjoyed the garden. Its many remaining colours and lingering perfumes and scents. Watching the Bees and Butterflies – and cats watching them – and basking calmly in each others company.

A sensory experience we all benefit from, listening to music, the breeze rustling through leaves, Bees gathering pollen and singing their buzzing songs, our cats purring at our feet – with one eye on everything that moves – the sights of colourful flower petals, even in this late summer, the garden is in full bloom, all the flowers dancing and swaying in the breeze, the aroma and scents from Lavender, Thyme, Sweet Peas, Roses and others. Most importantly, our own sounds of family chatter with each other.

Watching, as the sun cast its shadows across the great outdoors, and the afternoon chill brought to an end this beautiful day outdoors and we went back indoors hoping for another sunlit day the following day.

I hope you all had an equally lovely day 🙂

8 thoughts on “Autumn sun

  1. You describe a wonderful scene here Paul. I’m delighted that you all enjoyed your day together.

    All the best

  2. Sounds like heaven Paul, such a wonderful time of year & packing a picnic is always exciting. I had a lovely day too, it was my parent’s wedding anniversary yesterday. They are coming to visit us next week, I haven’t seen them since last September for Laura’s 21st.

    I do hope Mr Lockwood & Mr Linton behaved themselves and didn’t eat the butterflies!!! I’m quite jealous of your beautiful garden but our’s will be “blooming” by next year. This planning stage is exciting. I’m currently building a “bug hotel”.

    Give Marc my best wishes, tell him I’m looking forward to seeing some more photos when he’s ready.

    Julie xx

    1. Thank you so much Julie, I hope you have a great time with your parents visit. Mr Lockwood and Linton seem to ignore the Butterflies, preferring Dragonflies, but in the end, anything that moves is at risk 🙂 Please don’t be jealous of the garden, yours was, and will be in the new home a wonderful place. Your ‘bug hotel’ is brilliant and put our ‘little huts’ to shame 🙂 I’ll encourage Marc to picture them and get them posted 🙂

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