Bringing in the new

Bringing in the new

Sitting, as we watch the closing hours of 2017, quietly contemplating the achievements and journeys throughout the year. Decorations from festivities lie, waiting to be boxed up and put away for another year. Having helped to bring sparkle and enjoyment since the first day of advent. Brought out like old friends, and caringly put up around the home, to transform it into a magical environment.

New additions this year, and lists created for more new additions next year. A light here, a tree there, a bauble, tinsel, candles. All contributing to our celebration of the birth of Jesus.

2018 is fast approaching. Some of our friends are already there, some will see it after we do, but all have contributed to the joy we had, going through and getting through 2017.

It’s good to have plans for the coming year (maybe even resolutions) and even with challenges, where you can’t plan too much too soon, we need to have an idea of what weΒ hope to achieve, so we can make some plans on how to achieve it when the time comes.

We have our garden to work on and further develop the sensory look and feel to it, though I am determined to do less constructing and more ‘mindful’ exploring of it through 2018. I’m hoping to take our son on a journey through colour, scent and touch this year. Use photography to capture his contact with each of well over 200 different flowers we have planted. I will introduce more places to sit and just spend time enjoying what we see, and hear and now we have dealt with the rats, we will re-introduce our bird feeders and watch the many different birds return that we once attracted.

Health permitting, a trip to the Northumbrian coast, including Lindisfarne and the gardens at Alnwick Castle are on our list. Quite a journey, and one that was out of the question this year, but with some gradual preparation, the journey should be manageable. The joy of actually being there will, hopefully help Marc to handle the journey getting there and with frequent stops as we drive along, to picnic and to walk our dog, it should be an enjoyable adventure.

We want to complete and record a few more wheel walks if we can. I need to source a new power chair for him to help. Getting over the threshold of the house remains the biggest challenge, but again, having the plan and working to achieve small steps – or small wheel runs – at a time will be key, catching that moment when all good things come together to allow us to conquer … anything.

It is a year when we are expecting greater challenges for our son to achieve much, but we, as always will work on plan A, B or even C, to allow him to see life and if we need a plan D or E, well, I’ll go through to plan Z if I need to. I hope you enjoy the journey with us and as always, I will share anything we learn along the way.

Have a very Happy New Year and I wish you all, Health, Happiness and Success in 2018 πŸ™‚



8 thoughts on “Bringing in the new

  1. Stay this positive, and it will be a great 2018 Paul.
    You inspire positive thoughts in us all I know from first hand knowledge, your words have come with perfect timing for us. Thank you.

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