Crying in the rain …

Crying in the rain …

I do my crying in the rain ...
I do my crying in the rain …

Beautiful things, such as a blooming rose, can hold raindrops that appear as tears. They can also appear as jewels, enhancing the flowers appearance even more as they sparkle.

I have shed many a tear over the last couple of years as we have watched our son struggle through the terrors that have ripped through his mind and the frustrations we have encountered just trying to get through the day. I hide the way I feel, as to see such tears would cause him further distress as he struggles to understand why.

Today, I had to hide my face again, not through tears of distress or sadness, but with bursting pride, that I actually wanted to shout out loud and rejoice.

Today we returned to a venue where we have had to stay away from for a long time. A social lounge, provided for those with additional needs to access with their carers, and share a coffee or lunch and to be able to network with friends and people also with disabilities . We had avoided it because of the noise, the crowds, the hustle and bustle, which were all affecting our sons sensitivities in such a negative way. But today he asked to go and visit again.

We planned to drop in for a coffee (actually it was tea) and then leave, but he was greeted so friendly by those organising the venue and some of those users who he knows, stressing they had missed him, and delighted to see him, we ended up stopping for lunch and endless conversations with people who just wanted to catch up.

We were armed with sound blocking headphones (just in case) and planned a wheelchair ready exit (just in case) music had been lowered just for him and I have to admit to being surprised, yet so delighted these interventions were not needed and our son initiated conversations, ordering his meal and paying for it, all unprompted and with such enthusiasm. We stayed for a few hours and left smiling.

Maybe it was just to see him enjoy himself, maybe it was just a relief that we hadn’t encounter a similar situation to the last event we attended, but tears just ran down my face as today I saw signs of our sons old character return.

Some things we achieve may seem so small and to may, insignificant, but there are those people out there, who for some do find small things like this a huge challenge. All it takes is a little consideration and understanding and the world can change for a person and their wellbeing is suddenly given such a boost.

Thank you to all those involved, whether or not you know it, you have changed the world for our son today, and that is priceless πŸ™‚

4 thoughts on “Crying in the rain …

  1. Excellent news Paul, can imagine your joy, and pleasure as the visit got better and better. Well done Marc.
    How nice to have tears of joy for a change.

  2. What wonderful news, I can well understand you shedding a tear or two.
    Please tell Marc I’m so pleased he had a great day.


    1. Marc says ‘thank you’ Dougie, and it was a great change for the better. Thank you so much for your support.

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