Dance to your own beat

Dance to your own beat

Dancing to a new tune

“When you dance, your purpose is not to get to a certain point on the floor, it is to enjoy each step on the way”

– ‘Wayne Dyer’

There was a time that I would worry over how we were perceived. As we learned that our lives would be different, new ways of living life had to be uncovered. It is interesting how many friends are no longer friends as we now dance to a different beat and appear not to conform to the usual accepted ways and their acceptance of what friends should be. It is also interesting how many family members are the same. Living with disabilities does tend to frighten people away, they do not know how to react or talk to or engage with us and their lives are too busy to even think about wanting to find out.

We do contribute to this separation ourselves too as we needed to learn to dance by ourselves and increasingly saying “no, I’m sorry, but we can’t …”

We did struggle with this at first, it felt like rejection and we became very frustrated in not being able to join the groups we once did and do the things we once did.

In time however, we began to realise that we were learning new steps to this dance, we could take to the floor in confidence and flare and we also realised that where we thought we had lost friends, in fact we had gained soulmates, more than friends, closer than friends and who would do so much more to help, or just to tolerate our pent up frustration and listen without running. We also learned that we could still walk across fields, row in a boat and teach other sin need to dance, even with a wheelchair.

And what is more, we enjoy it far more, we have learned to capture the moment, to make time stand still and live life. Every step in our dance is taking us on a journey that rather than restricting us, is making our lives more wholesome and fulfilling and we are meeting so many people who befriend us for who we are.


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  1. I love your phrase “people who befriend us for who we are”. Those are the best people to be around!!

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