Don’t stop me now!

Don’t stop me now!

Don't stop me now ....
Don’t stop me now ….

There have been, as you will have gathered, when even being involved in a single activity has proven to be extremely problematic and raised levels of anxiety significantly to prevent them happening.

Through Marc’s journey of recovery we had a real success today, in that we visited our Town Hall where a recently refurbished restaurant allowed us to have ‘brunch’ – we find that to be ahead of the lunchtime crowds helps an event like this to be accepted more easily and peacefully. The room, was quiet, spacious, sun was shining in through the windows, very attentive and courteous waiters and waitresses who just seemed to give Marc that special attention that he responded so well to, even though they do not know him. It was a huge success and more importantly, good memories for when we talk about going back – I try and take photographs as we go around so we can relate to them in our preparations, sadly I forgot my camera on this visit!

From here, we would normally return to the peace and security of home, given the ability to process only one thing at once. Today however we were surprised, yet delighted, when Marc asked to go to his favourite park and sit a while in the sun. One thing we always do, is to respond to his suggestions like this, and build upon his own desire to do things, or go places, and actively encourage this with him.

The trip to the park resulted in an hours adventure, watching people walking dogs, eating picnics – we had already eaten ‘brunch’ so I was excused not having a picnic with us this time – gardeners tending the flower beds and bowling green, and then we completed a half hours wheel-walk along tree lined lanes and beautifully tarmacked pathways around a lake and the iconic fountain.

Tomorrow we are joining a walkers group who have specifically adapted it for our using a wheelchair – another great success if we can achieve it – and this will give Marc an opportunity to mix with others (even though I will be there, pushing) with a focus on a mindfulness theme. I believe the group will be small and last for a couple of hours. Story to follow tomorrow, all being well.

This really is a sense of ‘Don’t stop me now, I’m having a good time ….’  🙂

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