Eleanor …

Eleanor …

Storm Eleanor was battering us over the last day or two. Not as much damage as feared, though standing structures such as our obelisks have been blown away.

Taking a walk around the garden via the gravel paths, it was clear the amount of rain that has fallen as the lawns are almost lakes, certainly with ponds dotted here and there as the land is sodden and subsoil wet through as well. Not much can be done right now except keeping a watch for any potential damage and keeping an eye on the forecast in the hope a dry spell is coming any time soon.

All however is not lost and at a time when the planted garden is largely resting, there are exceptions as with the Winter Pansy and Primulas. Grown in both garden borders and in posts, they are doing well right now. It is important to keep them from being covered from any fallen leaves which will cause them to rot very quickly and where they appear waterlogged, to clear the water by spiking the ground or even rolling or brushing the surface water away. Primulas like it moist, but not swimming.

Today was the day to look at our new addition for the garden. A Polytunnel Steeple Green house. It’s not too big, but a great introduction to greenhouse gardening. Measuring 143cm wide x 143cm deep x 195cm tall I have – or will have, when it’s assembled – 8 staging shelves and I plan to use this for seeds, propagating existing plants and growing succulents. If successful, I may move on to a full greenhouse. Today was spent checking all the parts were to hand and understanding the assembly instructions.

With a few ‘personalised’ adjustments, this will be a place where I can work on some horticultural projects with our son, irrespective if it rains or not. An access point wide enough for allow a wheel chair through and a special bench seat set up for him to sit on while we sow seeds, propagate cuttings and create bowls and pots. All being well, we will make wreaths together in there next Christmas.

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  1. Glad to hear that you sustained no serious damage, Paul, and hope you get some dry weather to help clear the water.
    Your Poly Tunnel/Greenhouse sounds terrific, a wonderful place to go and potter about, even in wet weather.

    1. Thank you so much David, the hope is that we can still do something garden related, even if it does decide to rain – and it doesn’t blow away! haha! 🙂

  2. Sounds like a fun and challenging project. We are digging out of our winter storm here on the coast of Virginia

  3. How is your little Greenhouse doing Paul? Do you have everything in its proper place now? Hope you can get Marc interested in it. Loved that picture the other day of him and Lady Bronte playing. So adorable. We are waiting for a storm to hit us today. Freezing rain and the snow. Justin’s been quarantined all week because of the “mumps” infection or some infection. We see his old pediatrician on Monday after his Special Doctor’s appointment on Monday.
    He is getting very nervous about Monday. haha!

    1. Hello Diane, my word, Justin is having a hard time of it. I hope he feels better soon. Greenhouse is up Diane, I have some plants on the staging as well but the ‘big’ test will be when my tomato grow bags arrive and I begin to so seeds. I have three mini projects to kick us off. The Tomatoes from seed, repotting the ‘growing’ Christmas tree, ready for next year and growing herbs for their aroma, texture and taste. So our mindful focus will be “contemplating nurture” (Tomatoes from seed), “contemplating patience” (repotting the tree) and “contemplating appreciation” (growing the herbs). I have just put in some succulents as well where we will “contemplate creativity” as we create terrariums 🙂

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