How is success measured?

How is success measured?

Build it, and they will come …

I remember when I was working, this was a favourite question, I asked it of my teams and it’s one that I was always asked myself. “What will success look like”? “What does good look like”? but importantly something many forgot to ask was ‘how will success be measured?’ … in other words, how will you know that the success you have a vision for is the right one and delivers what you hope?

I had thought, and hoped, that my business days were behind me, and yet, I still find there are traits of it with me every day. Not least of all in the garden.

I have a vision for the garden – well in truth, my vision requires a garden of at least two acres, but as I have nothing like that, my vision needs to be a little more, well, quite a lot more, down to earth, dealing with the plot we do have – that sees, primarily our son, not only being able to access the garden, but also ‘wanting’ to access it and my first measure of that success will be the number of times he asks to go out into it each day, and then, how many photographs he wants to take on those visits.

My next vision is to create a garden that also attracts wildlife, from birds to bees, from butterflies to dragonflies, frogs, newts, and if at all possible hedgehogs. My measure of that success will be the number of different species and variety of those species that I can count and photograph each year. As an aside, will be the measure of how many I can correctly identify – and that’s going to take quite a bit of study!

I also want to create a garden that offers colour and cut flower opportunities throughout the year. Holly and mistletoe at Christmas, wreaths for the front door, and bouquets of flowers throughout the year bringing outdoors indoors with the seasons. A project to photograph our bouquets each week will be a measure of that success. Though optimism is high, certainty is not there right now, but I’ll not give up before I even start.

And so what, if I succeed or not? I hear you asking! Well, if I can achieve what I set out to accomplish, our son will have a smile on his face and enjoyment in what he sees, touches and smells for as long as he can, We will have done our little bit to help save species and the planet and the sight of these wildlife visiting the garden is so uplifting for our owns spirits and to have home grown flowers adorning the house in bouquets in every room is such a delight.

And so what? ….. That’s what, and it makes us smile šŸ™‚



4 thoughts on “How is success measured?

  1. I can’t imagine there is much you turn your hand to in life that isn’t a success Paul? Your vision of how you want your garden to be is inspiring & I’m sure Marc will be asking to go out there as often as the weather permits. To “log” the species of insects, birds & animals you see is a great idea. We have a small pond now (Martin was busy installing it whilst I was in England back in late June) & I saw our first Common Darter dragonfly in the garden last week.

    The idea of weekly bouquet photos is wonderful too. For me a photo of a few Sweet Peas in a jam jar is an achievement in itself. Zinnias are nice cut flowers & Gladioli but we planted so few it seemed sacrilege to cut any to bring inside. Next year we’ll plant lots more.

    Lots of hard work ahead Paul but it will all be worth it I can promise you that. I hope you have lots of hedgehogs visiting very soon.

    Best wishes as always to yourself, Margaret & Marc.

    Julie xx

    1. Your so kind Julie, thank you, as always. Marc is asking each day ‘what now?’ as he see’s me in my wellies, seemingly digging every day right now. I have to come up with a solution for the pond, I know we have a pond in a pot, but am also looking at some kind of rock pool if I can scrape a hollow to set one up. I’m not sure if there are hedgehogs around, but I have little fence holes now, just in case and nightly patrols as I go slug hunting too šŸ™‚ You are always very kind Julie and I send you and Martin our best wishes too xx

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