Just Chilling!

Just Chilling!

Just chilling!
Just chilling!

Some days it may appear that everything is thrown at you. Recently we had Wind, Snow, Sunshine, Hail, Rain, Thunder, wow! and that was all in around four hours of the same day. At one stage we feared a power outage my hit us, but all was well in the end. To cap it off, a herd of escaped cows came down our road – somebody had left a gate open –  and trampled all over the front lawn of ours, and neighboring front gardens – it was sheep last year, but they didn’t churn of the ground as much as this time and some serious restoration is involved.

It takes a certain patience to understand these things happen, the changes in weather, though extreme are become normal in April due to changing climate, but that is all that has happened, change, it’s not the end of the world. With change comes uncertainty, but also, it allows for growth and a new perspective on opportunity. Among other things, the UK is boasting an ever improving ability to grow grapes for wine and fruit, once alien to our shores can now be successfully grown.

Changes will also effect the person with Autism, and though understanding flexibility and the unexpected is something my wife and I have to continually help our son come to terms with, for him, it can be as chaotic and frightening as we have just seen with the weather (and cows). We understand that the sun will always come through, the winds will cease and storms disappear. For our son, we need to create and show that calm in his world as he is unable to do this for himself. Being involved in the garden with me is one of those healing ‘therapies’ that just seems to work.

It may be that I do all the work – what’s new! – but he will sit, listening to piped music through our outdoor ‘rock’ shaped speakers, talking with me all the time. I see him sat with sun on his face, a smile and occasional song from his lips and when my back is aching from the digging and mowing and other gardening activities, we share a flask of coffee at the garden fence looking out as if we were on a country trail or coastal path – it doesn’t matter at all that we are in our garden, It is the great outdoors to us.

2 thoughts on “Just Chilling!

  1. Hi Paul,
    I’m pleased that you managed to get some quality time with your son in the midst of all the chaos.

    Best wishes to all of you


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