Never Forget

Never Forget

“If you ask me how many times you have crossed my mind, I’d say once because after that, you never left …”


It’s funny how some people just seem to make an impression on you. For whatever the reason, their memory is held and thoughts of them remain with you.

It might be an unexpected kind gesture, a kind act, and encouraging word, empathy or just their personality and character captures your imagination in some way. I’m not referring to that romantic impression – though that works in much the same way, but is not for this blog – but those few people with whom as a parent carer, or cared for individual, you feel immediately comfortable in their presence, or even in distance communication as with a pen friend (as we used to call them) or ‘friended’ and linked through social media in todays world.

I began thinking about this today and that this must also work the other way too – strangely, something I had not thought of before – but I happened to bump into a nurse we had met in a local hospital with our son. She recognised me first and came up asking “where is that lovely young man of yours” We hadn’t seen this lady for many years as she had long since retired and although we still attend the hospital, she is no longer there. We do often say to each other though ‘I wonder if MarieAnne is in’ and why, because she took time with our son and tried to engage with him and brought a smile to his face when we visited.  Our son still talks of her as well, even though it is years since we have seen her.

My day also took me into the local supermarket to get some shopping and though our son was not with me – not so well again – the check-out operator asks me “where is your son today?” and “wish him well from me”. I am touched that he has in some way touched not only these people, but several others as well, who also ask after him, or stop us when we are together and talk to him even though there is not much response. All these people are held somewhere in his mind and heart, and certain triggers will prompt him to talk of them even though they are not there.

The same is true of on-line friends who, through our joint attempts at photography have allowed a number of people to follow and understand our story and although we don’t know you in person, we have come to regard you as friends in the same way. Our son regularly asks if one person or another has written or commented and he too looks to see into your worlds as we talk about your own pictures together.

This post is really to say, “Thank you”. To all those who have never left our minds, thank you for being there. Regardless of our being chatty or quiet, being with you in person or on-line, thank you also for holding our son and ourselves in your minds and offering us such welcome support.

We couldn’t do it without you 🙂



6 thoughts on “Never Forget

  1. Hi Paul,
    That is a lovely post. I feel the same way about you and your family. It’s strange, I have all these problems and anxieties, and chatting with you is very calming.

    It’s nice to have a Keyboard Pal : )

    Hugs Diane

  2. There’s no need to thank us Paul.
    We’re here, we enjoy looking at your world and Marc’s world through your cameras. When the day is right. If it’s not we may miss the chat, but we also wait until the next good day.
    It’s called friendship via the Net. ;O)

    Love to you all.
    Jane. x

  3. Hi Paul

    It’s wonderful that the lovely nurse from years ago & people in more recent times hold you & your family in their hearts. Sometimes a smile of recognition or a kind word is all it takes to lift your whole day.

    It’s a joy to see your photos Paul, thanks so much for sharing them with us. Watching the garden progress, seeing where you’ve been wheel walking/enjoying coffee with Marc & what Lady Bronte & Miss Moneypenny have been up to. I especially look forward to Marc’s Monday window photos.

    Love as always to yourself, Margaret & Marc. From your friend from across the Irish sea.

    Julie xx

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