New adoption

New adoption

Miss Moneypenny

Miss Moneypenny! This lady is fourteen years old and is awaiting a Thyroidectomy operation in the coming week or two, but when she has recovered, she will be living her remaining years with us. Our latest adoption from the RSPCA.

Since we were married, we have always had at least one cat with us, usually two or three and of course a dog.

Miss Moneypenny will be joining Lady Bronte with us soon and both will help our son understand responsibility, caring and also both give and receive the love that for some reason, animals just know how to give.


8 thoughts on “New adoption

    1. Thank you so much Nora, I’m sure she will be fine. Our RSPCA are looking after her until after the Op and they will ensure she has recovered well, before we can bring her home. I will keep posting on her progress 🙂

  1. She looks just so sweet. Wonderful that you will have another cat to join your family. I hope Marc is well and I’m sure he will enjoy the new addition.

    Sally S

    1. Thank you so much Sally, she really will make it feel like ‘home’ gain when she arrives. Marc is well, thank you for asking and he is so looking forward to having both Miss Moneypenny and Lady Bronte to fuss over 🙂

  2. A warm welcome to the new family member, we hope she makes a speedy recovery and so that she can be welcomed to your family home.

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