Searching for the Nativity

Searching for the Nativity

The NativityWhen October passes and November is upon us, we so look forward to Christmas and all the activities that accompany it.

Typically we will start looking at Christmas decorations for ideas to brighten our own home, from the Homes and Garden stores through to Stately Homes, Theatres and Studios. They all have such great themes, colours and techniques which enrich our own artistic flare.

A favourite for us, is to go to the theatre and Choral shows, over the coming weeks. There is something so special about listening to Christmas Carols and the Christmas Church Service that helps rest our sons mind and terrors, even for a short period. Planning carefully on how we get to the event is key, but once the singing begins and music can be heard, fear and anxiety just disappear.

Marc enjoys looking for, and hearing the story of the Nativity, and we look for those settings where we can. We add in a visit to see ‘live’ animals so the association can be easier between what the livestock surrounding the manger represents, and by the time we have enjoyed choral shows, church services and farms, his understanding and appreciation is better. We do this, knowing it will all be forgotten by next year, but we will go through a similar process each year, so the spiritual meaning of Christmas is kept precious.

In 30 days, the treat of opening a window in his Advent Calendar each day, begins with eager anticipation 🙂

Have a Happy November!


4 thoughts on “Searching for the Nativity

  1. Wonderful to hear that singing and music has such a calming effect on Marc.
    Good luck with all your Christmas preparations.


  2. Now, that’s a real Christmas Paul, how lovely to be doing all those Christmas things, and of course, with a real purpose behind it. It’s going to be such fun for you all.

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