The frogs hop in

The frogs hop in

Hop into the garden

After the success of creating our Butterfly Garden, I was excited to find today that we have an abundance of frogs that have set up home with us too.

Slug eaters – they need to eat more – each night we walk Lady Bronte around the garden, she was attracted to movement deep in the Lavender walk borders. Needing to investigate, I went in search of what may have caught her attention and found them, at least eight of them all hoping over each other for protection as I uncovered their hideaway.

I have put in a small pond, but I have not seen any of these around it, but there is plenty of damp, shaded areas which they seem to love.

Our son is fascinated by them and I’m delighted they have arrived again – each year for five years now – and so our attempt at attracting wildlife is proving quite successful. Together, we have installed ‘frog homes’ that we can now check on and hopefully, we can take photographs together, look to identify them and watch them grow.

12 thoughts on “The frogs hop in

    1. I can’t tell you how happy we are Helen, I know we don’t get to see the variety of animals at a zoo or safari park, but being able to just sit in the garden with a picnic and see all these smaller visitors around us is wonderful and takes away the terrors and strains of travelling for Marc as well. Thank you so much 🙂

  1. How fabulous, Paul!
    I love how you have created such a wonderful garden that attracts the local wildlife. Marc would love to see the various visitors you have! And well done Lady B for sniffing them out for you!

  2. How wonderful that these frogs have found a home in your garden Paul. A wildlife oasis by the sound of it.

    I can imagine Lady Bronte was quite excited to find them! They won’t probably use the pond until the Spring when they breed although I heard sometimes frogs hibernate at the bottom of deep ponds?

    Julie x

    1. She was excited Julie, and heads straight for them when she goes out now. I’ve set over turned plant pots over them for a bit of protection and shelter and in truth Lady Bronte(and even the cats) seem more interested in watching rather that ‘eating’ I’ll keep an eye on them and see where they go 🙂

    1. They can, Nora. I know our cats used to watch them for hours too. Lady Bronte has taken that job over and sits with us watching for the slightest movement 🙂

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