The great outdoors

The great outdoors

Inspection of the new all-weather area

Being outside in nature is good for our bodies and our minds.

• Breathing lungs full of fresh air is great for our respiratory system, getting the oxygen flowing and boosting our cells, strengthening and cleansing us.
• Soaking in some sun rays help Vitamin D to soak into our bones, helping our immune system and nervous system.
• If we’re exercising outside, walking the dog, going for a run, strolling to work, is also better for us than exercising indoors.
• Stress reduction – Taking a break, sitting in the garden, enjoying lunch on a bench, or gardening and spending some time out, relaxing, looking after ourselves and reconnecting or course will have huge benefits too on our emotional health.

From earlier posts, you will know how difficult it can be for our son to go outdoors, even with the encouragement of his new dog, Miss Bronte, who has worked wonders in easing some of the fear and resistance, but as yet, not completely.

We decided to add a new feature to our garden for him, and that is a large deck that he can access without steps or ramps so that either in a wheelchair or supported by ourselves, he can move outside into the sunshine and fresh air and so adding that little bit of natural support to his health but without leaving the ‘safety’ of home.

As always, provision of something like this costs money, but money (and time) well spent to achieve this little extra for him. As well as our developing ‘Sensory Garden’, this large deck will be home plants that attract butterflies and bees and overlook the lawns and bird feeders and nesting boxes. We have wheelchair Quoits to play – when Miss Bronte doesn’t chase all the thrown ropes – and a giant Jenga game that is intended to help his hand-eye coordination and concentration. Of course, we also have our picnic basket and flask.

Sadly the ‘Bistro Garden’ has been removed to make way for this new all-weather place, which will be known as our ‘Deck Garden’ – more on how this develops in future posts.

4 thoughts on “The great outdoors

  1. Sunshine and butterflies! Don’t we all love spring and summer. Your new garden area sounds perfect for fun and games as well as much needed relaxation. Enjoy.

    1. Thank you so much, Helen, construction being the first step is complete, access on to it is achievable with ease and getting outside is easier now than it has been. The rest will come and hopefully, it will continue to be embraced as enthusiastically as it has been over the last couple of days 🙂

  2. Oh Paul this sounds so wonderful, Marc will enjoy this new Deck Garden I’m sure & what a perfect time of year to have it installed with picnic weather ahead of us & butterflies just beginning to emerge. Sunshine is good for the soul as well as the body.

    Wishing you all many happy sun filled days & Miss Bronte – leave those Quoits alone!

    Julie xx

    1. haha! Thank you so much, Julie. It has brought one of those ‘beaming smiles’ as he grabs my hat again and sat in the sun – More photo’s from us both I have no doubt 🙂

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