Time …. and patience

Time …. and patience

Allow time and be patient
Allow time and be patient

When times are good, full of laughter and enthusiastically taking part in a variety of activities, it is easy to forget, that this does not mean his mind terrors and anxieties have been cured. The slightest of things can still be the cause of a meltdown, and sadly, succumbing to complacency we fail to recognise the torment we cause with too much, too soon, and forgetting the rules and routines we must live by.

Autism is a condition that is lifelong, and recent difficulties have reminded us of that fact as we once again allow time, and provide patience and support to ease his troubled and frightened mind.

It can be a difficult journey, and one where, as parents we must not let our guard down and continue to choose the right path to follow, even if it is the quieter path, and the results will be greater for us all.

For now, a couple of days of calm, in the safety of home, doing the things he is familiar with, and we will recover once again. 🙂

6 thoughts on “Time …. and patience

  1. So, so easy to forge ahead with your hopes for Marc, a very natural thing to do, a delight in seeing him take a new interest in something. Then, as you say, his terrors and anxieties take over, but, the good thing is, you spot what’s going on in his mind, and help him to find peace again. Gently does it, and we will see more of his excellent photographs again soon. In total admiration of the care and understanding that yourself and Mrs.F. are giving to your lovely Marc.
    It puts all of our trials and troubles in life into perspective.

  2. Hi Paul

    I’m so sorry to hear that things became a bit over whelming for Marc in recent days. Tell him I was so enjoying his photos & look forward to seeing some more in the future, in time when he’s ready. You mustn’t blame yourselves it must have been very easy to almost push Marc’s autism into the background. Hopefully a few quiet days with familiar routine will help calm the situation.

    Wishing you all the best as always

    Julie xx

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