Vehicle selection

Vehicle selection

Which chair to choose today
Which chair to choose today

It’s like ‘Top Gear’ only with wheelchairs! A top of the range Power Chair – max speed 6 x miles per hour. Maximum distance around 6 x miles depending upon terrain (we can push 8 x miles if we stay on the flat) Joystick controlled, dual battery and even a freewheel option. Self propelled – or in our case, assisted wheel chair, 24 inch puncture proof tyres, foot rests and adjustable arm rests. Maximum speed 4 x miles per hour on a flat surface, uphill …… not very fast at all šŸ™‚ and our new addition dual wheel power assisted self propelled wheel chair – The Excel G-lite Pro – with ultra lite frame, easy snap on 24 inch wheels with anti puncture tyres. Assistant controlled motor with maximum speed of 6 x miles per hour (if jogging, and not for very long!)

Does this sound extravagant? I hope not. Marc has a chair now for different situations and importantly the range helps us, as parent carers, to keep him active as we get older and tire quicker.

The power chair allows Marc his complete independence, as he drives this himself. We need to be on hand in case he has a seizure and loses control and drives off the road. The trouble with this is that it is phenomenally heavy, even with the batteries taken off so we are restricted getting it in and out of the car to go out anywhere for a walk – this we use on the doorstep and thank heavens we chose somewhere near the country so we can just wander out of the front door along country lanes. We have our eye on the new ‘Foldalite Pro’ a new design with lithium batteries that can be carried in one hand while folding down to no more than a transit chair. Expensive, but watch this space.

The new G-lite Pro offers us the control of an assistance chair with the added power of the power chair and as it folds away nicely its idea to throw in the car with the picnic hamper and we can once again enjoy the wheel-walks even with a gradient without becoming exhausted pushing.

All these are once again essential tools as Marc begins to regain his interest in activities and going places, we have joined a local mindfulness walking group with ‘Mind’ to help him build his interaction with people ‘who understand’ and we hope build some friendships along the way. They don’t focus on wheelchair walks themselves, and are pleased that I will be joining with Marc as we can bring an added value dimension to their group, and maybe, we could, in time, become volunteer walk leaders ourselves for them. All adding great information for the wheel-walking web pages.

Which chair did he choose? …. the new one of course šŸ™‚

12 thoughts on “Vehicle selection

  1. Great news that Marc is regaining his outdoor wheel walking interests and the new chair should make life a little easier on yourselves.
    Long may things for all of you continue to improve.

    Best wishes

    1. Thank you very much Dougie, the changes are quite remarkable and its like having our son back again.Small steps, but each one is definitely in the right direction šŸ™‚

  2. This is great that Marc now has his new chair. Now you can enjoy days out and picnics. Hope you get the other chair for the car soon. Nothing like a trip in the countryside to lift your spirits.
    Take care

  3. Hi Paul
    Great to find your website. is there a FOLLOW button?
    I’m in a Mindfulness group so understand the benefits of Mindful Walking.Hope Marc enjoys this and all the adventures he’ll have with this new chair.
    I’ll bookmark your website and read more later.
    Kindest regards
    ps think Ive signed up to follow this

    1. Thank you so much for taking time to view Helen, its early days but I hope what I write offers both interest, and reaches those who may not have the confidence to get out or talk about their experiences. My aim is to encourage both. I think if you link to the RSS feed you should get email updates from the blog, though changes to the ‘pages’ are not advised. I’m very interested in mindfulness and would welcome anything you would like to share that you feel would be of interest of benefit to us.

      Again, my sincere thanks for commenting

  4. Hi Paul
    glad to find this blog.
    wishing Marc many happy adventures in new chair. it sounds very swish!
    I do Mindful walking so understand the benefits.
    All the best to you all.
    kindest regards

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