Freedom of the SeaToo many people are prevented from accessing things of interest to them, or activities as well as certain organisations because they need that little extra care, support or motivation when it matters. It may be they just don’t fit in because of perceived preferences. This exclusion can lead to isolation, anxiety or depression and hidden skills and talents will remain unrealised. A world of wonder and enjoyment, remaining unexplored to those individuals.

Our Son, – a young adult at the time of putting this site together – suffers from a complex number of disabilities, preventing him accessing many things, or being motivated to access them, even to find out what is out there. Autism, Epilepsy, Visually and Hearing impaired, Cerebral Palsy, Paralysis are all conditions that challenge his living life to the full. Making it difficult, or sadly, impossible.

We all have something to offer, our son included and there are people and organisations, whose inclusive values encourage everyone, regardless of age, ability or background, to access life with all its wonder and so become a valued member of society and a role model for others. Contributing to ideas and direction, each and every individual should be encouraged and motivated to build their self-confidence and talent under the guidance, openness and passion of those recognising the value of an inclusive society.

We believe that every person should have access to Music, Dance, Adventure, Outdoor Activities and other creative interests, whether they are able-bodied and full of confidence, less confident, disabled, or even a wheelchair user.

The objective of this web-site is to show how, with a little thought and consideration, the Inclusive activity does not need to be a dream, but a reality. Our moments of success, thoughts and reflections, will be captured through photographs showing accessibility for everyone, as well as links to supportive organisations and ideas, as well as signposting to various conditions we have experience with, that can potentially restrict access to various activities.

Our the focus will be on wheel-walking, as our son relies on a wheelchair to get around and those routes we find will be suitable for self-propelled or assisted wheelchairs. Which will also be ideal for pushchairs to take advantage of.

We welcome comments, views and ideas from readers, so together we can make our lives, and the lives of others who are hopefully motivated by this site, more inclusive, and enjoyable.

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