Useful links

Useful links

This company understand both the difficulties that a disabled holiday maker can face and the worry that this causes. Their job is to take away that worry by providing you with all the support you need at every step including choosing, booking, preparing to go, travelling, holidaying and coming home.

Autism and Asperger’s

If you need to look into Autism and Asperger’s, you will find a substantial amount of information in bookshops and on the internet. I have looked for as much information as I can find to support our son, but it wasn’t until I came across Ellen Notbohm that I felt I had found someone who wrote in a way that I could relate to and I have found her books contain, probably more than anywhere by way of understanding and techniques to try. Our son is an adult, but even when she writes for children, it makes perfect sense that I can relate to. Visit her site at:


West Suffolk Blind Association

The Association has one simple aim – to help individuals maintain their independence in the face of the many challenges posed by sight loss. A team of part time professional staff together with over 150 dedicated volunteers, provide a range of services offering information, emotional support, benefits advice, practical aids to daily living and social inclusion throughout West Suffolk.


RSPCA Rochdale and District Branch

This animal rescue centre is where we have adopted our cats from

RSPCA Rochdale and District Branch